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#1 Standartinė donatas_s » 08 Lap 2011, 21:22

Key rules for themes and messages:
:arrow: When you create a new topic you must to try to identify it specifically. Topics with vague titles like "What happen?", "Help me", "do not like the Jon", and so on. Do not make the same themes as it is already in forum. Use search before creating a new topic, maybe this is already in a forum.
:arrow: Do not post any message only with a smiley or empty posts, meaningless post. Also, do not write in CAPITAL LETTERS, these texts are difficult to understand. Do not use smiles where you do not need it.
:arrow: Messages must be write in certain topics.
:arrow: Do not harassment and degrades or otherwise attempt to harm, ridicule, mock, and so on of other forum activists. If for you do not consider your nerves - you must censorship (#!@%&$*@#) your post in exceptional cases.
:arrow: Do not write any erotic or pornographic material. Spam and other, issues relating to the advertising will be deleted.
:arrow: If you can not write in Lithuania language, you must write your post in English, or Russian language! Will be easier to understand each other and themselves will benefit.
:arrow: After punctuation write space. Start sentences with a capital letter, it will be possible to understand where you begin your sentences.
:arrow: If you do not have anything to say good, go ride a moped or manage it.
:arrow: New members within a month from the sign, and do not wrote than one message, or now wrote the city (country) in profile, will be deleted!

The activities directly and individually will be responsible, they can be brought to justice, civil or administrative liability for the defamatory, public or private persons honor and dignity of the offensive, ethnic hatred, or other statements of incitement to violence and other unlawful acts.

If you ignore the rules - you get a warning. After a warning - you will get the rest (ban). Administration convictions can not be comment in public. If you have problems, please contact the administrator who took you a warning, or other administrator.
-------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------
Administration can delete or modify posts and threads on forum. Also ensure that users do not go to off-topic or posting abusive or offensive material.
These rules may at any time to change or be supplemented. So do not forget to read it from time to time.
Good discussion.
Mes partizanai vyrs į vyrą,
Mes viešpačiai miškų.
Ar dainos skamba, švinas byra,
Visur mums bus ramu.

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